Monday, October 4, 2010



this is a quick project that you can do to create a poster image size painting from a small image. I decided to do a portrait, but this will work for any image.

what you need:
-a photograph (preferably on 8.5 x 11 in. size paper)
-large piece of paper (bristol board) 20 x 24 in. and up
-black ink (or paint)

step 1
I decided to use my daughter's photo - I chose this photo because of her expression. In Photoshop I took the colour photo and turned it to a black and white image - in the Photoshop program you go to filter - artistic - cut out. This will give you the image that I got from my photo. If you don't have Photoshop you can use a free onine photo editor like or one could find a stock image on the internet.

step 2
take the image print out and draw a grid on the photo using the pencil and ruler.

step 3
do the same on the large piece of paper (to figure out what size square grid to put on the large image I divided 8 into 20 and got 2.5 - by doing this I was able to maximize my paper usage - if you don't do this you might have left over squares - which you could easily trip off) - try not to make your pencil lines too dark or else when you erase them they will still be noticeable.

step 4
start drawing!
the grid is a method used to enlarge images
follow each grid on the photo and how it corresponds to the larger sheet - it's good to look at each image in the grid squares as shapes and not think too much of the whole picture - if it helps for the more complicated shapes like the eyes you can divide the square to smaller ones - this will help you with more exact drawing.

step 5
continue throughout the drawing till the entire image is complete.

step 6
finished drawing

step 7
take the black ink and proceed to fill in the drawing - you can also use paint.

last step
take the eraser and erase all the pencil lines on the poster.

give it a try and enjoy!

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  1. Oh! This was JUST the inspiration I needed tonight as I tore my hair out over converting pixels to inches and figuring the DPI, etc. because I wanted to tile together a poster version of a silhouette of my daughter I made on picnik. How easy just to PAINT the thing and even more personal! Thank you!