Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Scrunchy Gathered Scarves

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Jersey knit - To make several, like we did, for your girlfriends or for gifts, use two yards. To make one scarf, you can get one yard and sew the strips together to meet the length requirement.
Elastic Thread (found in the elastic aisle)
Sewing Machine
And about 10 minutes of time

Cut your 2 yards of fabric into 10 inch by 72 inch strips (your fabric will end up being half as long when you finish).

At this point, you can decide to taper your ends or to cut the ends apart, like this, at least 12 inches up from the bottom. I might even make longer tails if I did this again.

Hand wind the elastic thread onto your bobbin and sew with a basting stitch from the center of one tail alllll the way to the end. Then again from the center of the other tail allll the way to the other end. So, you have two long seams about 3 inches apart, down the center. (Make sure you back stitch at the beginning and the end, basting stitches will pull out easily if they aren't anchored like this.) See how it is bunching up as it passes through the machine? (click the photo to enlarge) It's like magic!

Here is how it looks all sewn - just two straight seams from end to end:

Now, prance around all giddy-like with your cute new scarf. Make sure to pose for pictures and make plans to give them to everyone on your Christmas list with a neck.

I hate flash, so I did some posing with my scarf in good light against my favorite red wall just for you. See all the variations?

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